Global Forest Sector: Setting the Course for a Low Carbon Future

Renewed Policy Statements Call for Collective Action to Reach International Climate Action Through Sustainable Forestry and Forest Products 

Earlier today, the International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) published three new policy statements defining the role that global forests and forest products can play in our collective pursuit for climate solutions.

Developed in collaboration by forest sector representatives from 28 countries around the world, the statements outline innovative solutions for governments and businesses to better leverage the carbon-capturing power of forests and forest products while supporting more sustainable economies across the globe.

“The global forest products sector is uniquely positioned to provide practical, low-carbon solutions that can help address the complex environmental and economic challenges of today,” said ICFPA President Derek Nighbor. “Climate policies that make use of the carbon capturing benefits of sustainable forest management, the innovative use of wood in the built environment, and the abundance of potential in the growing forest bioeconomy can help chart the course towards post-pandemic economic growth and a lower carbon future for all.”

Adapted to reflect forest sector successes and recent shifts in global markets, ICFPA’s latest policy statements offer detailed guidelines to help drive a circular future rooted in renewable forest resources. To read the new ICFPA Policy Statements, visit:

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The ICFPA serves as a forum of global dialogue, coordination and co-operation. Currently, the ICFPA represents 18 pulp, paper, wood and fibre-based associations that encompass 28 countries, including many of the top pulp, paper and wood producers around the world.

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