COP 11 side event

Description: The world’s forests – and the products that come from them – are unique in their ability to remove and store carbon dioxide.  A panel of recognized experts will discuss opportunities for the global industry to contribute to greenhouse gas mitigation efforts.  Topics for discussion include:

  • Calculation of emissions,
  • Carbon sequestration in forest products,
  • Carbon benefits of wood building materials;
  • Industry’s bio-energy and bio-refining potential, and
  • Afforestation/reforestation projects and the Clean Development Mechanism

Moderator: Avrim Lazar, President & CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada and President, International Council of Forest and Paper Associations
Speakers: Reid Miner, Vice-President, Sustainability, NCASI (Presentation: Forest Products Industry Calculation Tools); John Perez-Garcia, Professor, University of Washington (Presentation: Carbon Storage to Solve the Problem: From Forests to Products and Homes; Thomas Amidon, Professor, State University of New York (Presentation: The Industry’s Bio-energy and Bio-Refining Potential); Karen Risse, Manager, Environmental Business Services, International Paper (Presentation: Clean Development Mechanism (CDM); Eric Vance, Manager, Forest Carbon Cycle, NCASI (Presentation: CDM Afforestation/Reforestation  Project Methodologies and Rejections: Can an Industrial Project Succeed?)

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