The event main goal is to have scientific debates and exchange of ideas in practical cases that illustrate how biotechnologies have worked successfully to benefit family farmers, food producers and consumers. The focus was on food security and it also included presentations and debates on forestry and forest management to achieve the FAO main goal: to attain sustainable food systems.

FAO Director-General, José Graziano, opened the event and clarified that biotechnologies shall be perceived as a broad range of Technologies that result in yield increases, improved productivities of crops, livestock, fish and trees, resolution of pests and diseases, and also on the beneficiation of family farmers and surrounding communities.

“We cannot lose sight that biotechnologies, knowledge and innovation must be available and applicable to family farmers including smallholders”, Graziano said to symposium participants. “We must find the means to remove the barriers that prevent their availability to family farmers”, he added.