WASHINGTON – The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) represented the global forest and paper industry at the United Nations (UN) Global Compact Consultative Meeting with industry and trade associations on Tuesday in New York City.

The meeting brought together global industry associations to review industry progress on corporate sustainability and discuss emerging corporate sustainability and responsibility issues for business and industry that are relevant to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“Through sustainable business practices, the global forest and paper industry provides reusable and recyclable products people need and rely on – from food packaging, energy and shelter to hygiene and communications products,” said ICFPA President Donna Harman, who participated in the meeting.

The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate citizenship initiative. Its participants represent approximately 50 million employees from nearly every industry sector and size in both developed and developing countries.

“Our industry has the potential to answer the increasing demand for sustainable products while ensuring the renewable resources used to make them will be available to improve quality of life for this generation and those to come,” said Harman. 

The ICFPA represents more than 30 national forest and paper associations around the world. Together, ICFPA members represent over 90 percent of global paper production and more than half of global wood production.

For more information about the sustainability of the global forest and paper industry, visit icfpa.org.


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